The Mikovits / XMRV research saga continues

By Grant Jacobs 23/11/2011

For those following the XMRV saga, or who simply like intrigue, the latest twist is that lead researcher Judy Mitovits, formerly of the Whittemore Peterson Institute–she was dismissed some time ago–has been arrested for theft of materials from the WPI.

Mikovits proposed that the retrovirus Xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus (XMRV) was associated with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), in a study published in Science. Other researchers found that they could not confirm Mikovits’ earlier results. Since then a number of studies have indicated the that XMRV observed is contamination of the samples.

Subsequent to this Mikovits was dismissed from the WPI.

More details are emerging, via Trine Tsouderos (@ChicagoScience) in the affidavits accompanying her recent article in the Chicago Tribune. Tsouderos has excerpted some of these on twitter:

’Affadavit: Grad student said Mikovits enlisted him to take lab notebooks from WPI, hid them in Happy Birthday gift bag’ (Source)

’Affadavit: Jailed scientist Mikovits allegedly “hiding out” on a boat to avoid being served papers by WPI.’ (Source)

’Affidavit: Grad student says jailed scientist had them create secret email addresses’ (Source)

These are from the affidavits, now up on the Chicago Tribune page; look for the block in the middle of ’s article reading ‘Court filing for the WPI theft case’. These affidavits are short and make for interesting reading, especially if you’re into whodunnits. (I’m not usually.)

If Tsouderos ever writes a book on this case, it won’t need much ‘packaging’ to make it an interesting read.

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