Computational biologists at ScienceOnline2012

By Grant Jacobs 18/12/2011

I’ve compiled a twitter (sub-)list of those with an interest in computational biology who are attending the ScienceOnline2012 event.

The definition of ‘computational biology’ for the purposes of this list is pretty liberal – I’d rather be inclusive and not have anyone feel left out. If you’re attending and would like to be on this list, just let me know. I am not on the list, as it seems you can’t add yourself to your own lists…!

(I may later create a list for those with interests in genetics/genomics, as well as one for those who written or are planning or writing a book. Also: those who want to debate what the various related terms [bioinformatics, computational biology, etc.] are welcome to below or in my older posts on this topic.)

Below I’ve listed the blogs that I’ve found for these people. The current list has been curated from the twitter profiles in the twitter list. If there are people attending ScienceOnline2012 with an interested in computational biology with blog who would like to be added to this list – let me know and I’ll update the post.

I have to admit I’m a little disappointed to find only four blogs from the thirteen on profiles of those on the twitter list.

Nevertheless, the blogs I’ve  found (thus far, in no particular order) are:

Jonathon Eisen, phylogenomics:

Open Helix:

Sandra Porter, DigitalBio:

Walter Jessen:

Other articles at Code for life:

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