The discovery of reverse gravity

By Grant Jacobs 03/01/2012

Readers of science are often also fans of science fiction – right?

This short film, A Trip To Mars by Thomas Edison in 1910, is apparently the first (known) American sci-fi movie. It opens with the inventor discovering a powder that gives objects a reverse gravity property (a plot synopsis is available on-line). On standing on some of the powder, his adventure begins.

Understandably it’s rather dated, now being a touch over a hundred years old, but makes for quirky watching.

I have to admit I prefer my science fictional futures to be a little more sophisticated, but this would have been a near-future setting in it’s day. Just think what our near-future setting would seem like to viewers in one hundred years time.

More science is on it’s way! Currently I’m look into organisations that support science and science communication in developing nations, tracking down some ‘missing’ references for Dravet Syndrome (I need a little #Icanhazpdf magic) and hoping to rustle up some articles on genetics and genomics.

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