More science communication goodies in the wake of ScienceOnline2012

By Grant Jacobs 25/01/2012

The rush of material being posted in the wake of the ScienceOnline2012 meeting continues unabated.

Tweets from attendees faded as they travelled back to their homes, then surged as conversations picked up again and announcements of follow-up material started coming out.

The full list of blog posts about the meeting can be accessed from the wiki. I’d like to point to a selection of items I’ve found in my in-box that others might find useful or enjoy.* I’m not pointing out most of the blogs with personal thoughts and the like, good as many of these are, as there are too many – you’ll have to check the wiki or google ‘scio12’ (select blogs and in the last week in the left-hand side).

Of course I’m make room for a few touching exceptions like Emily Willingham’s thoughts posted at the biology files. David Kroll has the backstory on his blog.

The full list of winners and showcased entrants from the Cyberscreen Science Film Festival at Science Online 2012 makes for interesting viewing. I showed one entrant in my previous Science Online-related post. I’ve shown the Grand Prize winner in the Maya animation section below.

For videos of the sessions (and other things), search for scio12 at YouTube.

A feature of this year’s follow-ons have been illustrative accounts of sessions. Scribing. I showed one in my previous post-ScienceOnline article. More can be found in a gallery of Perrin Ireland’s work hosted by Steve D, a Flickr slideshow, at Katie Ph.D.Perrin Ireland’s blog and elsewhere. Check ’em out.

I’ve chosen this one as I like the line ‘Science is written in pencil’.
I’ve chosen this one as I like the line ‘Science is written in PENCIL’. (Click on image to be directed to a larger copy.)

Tanya Lewis has storified** the Women in Science Blogging session. 60% of this year’s attendees were women.

Some excellent portrait photos by Russ Creech show a few of those that attended the meeting, along with a few glimpses of scenes in the meeting.

There’s a wiki presenting reading material for the Genomic Medicine – From Bench to Bedside session.

Tom Levenson has offered a copy of his proposal that sold his book Newton and the Counterfeiter.

I hope to deal with the ‘How to Make It As a Freelancer’ session separately later (as if I don’t already have enough blog articles in draft…) because it intersects with working as a consultant, another kind a freelance work.

There is undoubtably more to come. I may add the odd one in the comments that follow.

I said I wouldn’t cover blogs but what the heck, here’s a few blog posts to check out, too!


* That’s not saying anything negative about those I haven’t listed – I may have simply missed them.

** Yes, that is a verb 😉

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