Medical bioinformatics / genomics challenge

By Grant Jacobs 27/01/2012

$US25,000 is on offer for a challenge aimed at finding ’best methods and practices for improving the reliability and accuracy of the genomics-to-clinic pipeline — spanning sequencing, analysis, interpretation and reporting — to provide the most meaningful results to patients and their families.’

The challenge is being put up by Children’s Hospital Boston (USA); applicants must include members with experience in bioinformatics, genetics, and medicine. Aspiring applicants should note that ’no more than 20 teams will be selected to participate.’

Further details are on the challenge website.

Even if you have no interest in entering, it’s worth thinking about what this might involve.

The description mentions technical disciplines that might be involved. I can’t help but note that this is also a communication challenge. The audience indicated in the challenge are ’patients and their families’. Obviously the charts and whatnot typical of research papers will be inappropriate.

Following this, I can imagine a role for those with experience in science communication. Infographics might also prove useful.

(Hat tip to GenomeWeb.)

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