"Other" career paths – #IamScience

By Grant Jacobs 28/01/2012

I’ve previously written about careers other than the implied norm of school → undergraduate → post-graduate → post-doc → academic staff.

Those interested in browsing short takes on others’ science-related career paths could read a storify account of the #IamScience twitter stream. Skip past the back story if you’re in a hurry and start from the first use of #IamScience after the header. (Readers here should know the ‘standard’ tip of using ctrl-F or command-F to search a web page for keywords, right?)

One tip for those new to storify: when you get to the bottom hold up for a bit, as it will try load more content. On some browsers/networks this may take a second or two.

It’s great to see the variety of life stories. (The sample will be biased to those now involved in science outreach, especially the earlier replies, as this stream has it’s origins in ScienceOnline 2012.)

It’s a curious collection of stories, well worth exploring in idle time in a weekend.


As for me? I’m off for a walk on an Otago beach.

The Dunedin area has many quiet beaches. I’m still mulling over which one to visit today. Shown below is Victory Beach, named after the shipwreck of the Victory in 1861 whose flywheel (shown to left) rests in the sand not far from the low tide mark near the outlet mouth.


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