Bioinformatics survey

By Grant Jacobs 08/02/2012

Bioinformatics readers might like to take Michael Barton’s survey of bioinformatics. Most of the questions are multiple choice so it shouldn’t take too long. It will be interesting to see the results.

He has reported that the survey has had over 100 responses two hours ago at the time of my writing this.

Twitter users can offer feedback on Michael Barton’s twitter stream (@michaelbarton; see also the hashtag #bioinfsurvey). One reader questions if the survey covers industry well; Michael has responded ’I accept the bias. I very open to suggestions from industry bioinformaticians on how to balance the #bioinfsurvey’.

H/T: GenomeWebNews & OpenHelix

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  • For whoever wants to know (!), Michael has reported that the average time taken to answer the survey is ~6 and a half minutes.