What do scientists look like?, redux

By Grant Jacobs 09/02/2012

A few days ago Siouxsie Wiles directed her readers to a website illustrating what scientists look like through hosting photographs supplied by scientists of themselves. If you haven’t already, check it out.

That website reminded me of another website showing the results of a project where children drew and wrote what they thought scientists were like before and after visiting Fermilab. There’s a description of the project on the website giving more detail.

Try browsing it, it’s fun.

This ‘before’ description is a little painful:

To me, a scientist is bald and has hair coming out of the sides of his head. . . . Scientists live in their own world and the rest of society puts them there.*



If I had to pick a theme in the ‘before’ drawings, it’d be ‘white coat syndrome’. Also balding. (Although at least one of them has a red coat. A superman scientist?)

The description says that the Beauty and Charm programme now has about 2000 students visit Fermilab each year. There’s more on the Fermilab Science Education Office web page.

I’d like to think that open days at local universities and school visits have a similar effect.


Short post tonight as I’m still holed up reading!

* My emphasis added.

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