Great presentation – watch Hans Rosling on national income and health

By Grant Jacobs 19/02/2012

This afternoon I’ve been following some of the tweets from the AAAS annual meeting.* One of the four speakers in the science communication plenary panel ’Science is not enough’ was Hans Rosling.** Judging from the tweets praising his presentation he seems to have earned many more fans.***

Below is the the first YouTube presentation of his I encountered, illustrating dynamically the change in national income and health from 1810 until 2009 for about 200 nations.

I love how it’s presented. It exploits the dynamic visuals so well. I’m also late coming to this – it already has over 5 million views.


* AAAS = American Association for the Advancement of Science.

** Professor of International Health at the Karolinska Institute, Sweden. (The institute also has one of the shortest URLs I’ve seen,

*** I’ll check later if/when the plenary panel has become available on YouTube.

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  • Close, but it is Karolinska Institute,* Karolina/Carolina are common swedish names.

    Thanks for the tip, I’m slowly making my way into the data illuminated world of Rosling.
    * It started out as a military surgeon academy, and Karoliner was what the soldiers under the war kings Karl XI & XII were called.