Rosie Redfield on 'Arsenic life'

By Grant Jacobs 21/02/2012

This one is for the Rosie Redfield fans. (I know you’re out there!)

Those who want a concise take on the ‘arsenic life’ story will like it too.

Redfield features in this short video, summarising the ‘arsenic life’ story and her work testing the reported claims:

Not really related, but for some reason spurred on by Redfield’s remark that she has no idea what is in ‘that’ tube, I can recommend Jennifer Rohn’s excellent article In which I sort it out and the comments that follow, mostly about scrounging to make the lab run.


Excuse the continued ‘lite’ posts–I’m deep in reading & writing for work. Hopefully they’re entertaining enough to keep you going! I hope to get back to writing original material and to offering things closer to my own research interests soon.

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