Tweeting from space

By Grant Jacobs 27/02/2012

The world moves a little closer to a bizarre social media sort of science fiction reality when astronauts start tweeting from space.

Today my twitter stream included this photo astronaut André Kuipers sent of the North Island of New Zealand from the International Space Station:

Andre ; Credits ESA/NASA
Andre Kuipers; Credits ESA/NASA

You can follow the astronauts that currently are tweeting from space using NASA’s astronauts in space now twitter page. It’s well worth exploring this page and the image galleries they lead to.

Imagine yourself inside this viewing bay, looking down on the world. What a place to be.

Andre Kuiper; credits ESA/NASA
Andre Kuiper; credits ESA/NASA

His T-shirt reads ’I went to space… and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.’


All going well something approximating normal blogging ‘service’ should resume later this week.

(H/T to @kejames [Karen James] for bringing this to my attention and to the ESA media correspondent for clarifying the copyright status of these images – credit ESA/NASA; European Space Agency / National Aeronautics and Space Administration.)