Hobbit production videos

By Grant Jacobs 02/03/2012

(Not very science-y,* but hopefully I can be forgiven late on a Friday night for promoting a New Zealand endeavour?)

As The Hobbit is being created, the studio is releasing a series of production videos. They’re up to number 6 now. This one will give you some idea of the scale of the travelling circus they’ve been moving around the country.

Mixed in with the locations and documentary are quirky scenes and commentary. I like this exchange about the half-way point in the filming (from about four minutes in):

Interviewer: ’So, 133 days for three films, 127 days for two films’

Peter Jackson: ’Easily explained.’

Interviewer: ’How?’

Peter Jackson: ’Well, we’re all ten years older, so we’re going a little slower this trip.’ [laughs]

I’ll get out of the way and let you view it.


* There is some fancy networking and other technology that they talk about…

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