Japan tsunami anniversary

By Grant Jacobs 11/03/2012

Below I offer a small selection of videos in recognition of the anniversary of the tsunami that hit Japan a year ago. While I could add a recollection the as the news came in, the footage speaks for itself. I have tried to select newer footage that readers are less likely to have seen.

The first two offer views of watching the water coming in from a rooftop, as the water rises and rises and buildings around are swept away.


Here a local reporter recounts her experience of the tsunami

This Wall Street Journal footage looks at rebuilding a community, including a walk-through one of the temporary houses (another report suggests that over 300,000 people are living in temporary shelters)

In this last, a mother speaks of recognising the death of her child


As a tribute feature, I haven’t included any science. I had wanted to add something of the recovery efforts, but after seeing too many videos with one agency or other promoting itself I gave up. (What happened to subtlety showing you are helping, without advertising it all over the presentation.)

The earlier passages of these two videos shows how much faster the waters rose than some expected. I’m not embedding these two live as few of the people in the scenes were swept away; readers can choose if they wish to watch them for themselves.

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