Dunedin event: "Global Climate Change Treaty – Can Humanity Deliver?"

By Grant Jacobs 14/03/2012

On behalf of the University of Otago Centre for Science Communication I would like to alert local readers to an open lecture and panel discussion on climate change policy to be held at the St. David Lecture this afternoon (Wednesday March 14th) from 5:10pm until 6:30pm.

The speaker is Professor Jonathan Boston, Professor of Public Policy at Victoria University in Wellington, presenting – ’A New Global Climate Change Treaty–Can Humanity Deliver? Our Challenge After Durban for 2015’.

There are no bookings – get to the lecture theatre early if you want to ensure a good seat.

In the second half of this event, equal time will be dedicated to open floor discussion, with a diverse panel joining Prof Boston, including:

  • Kireua Bureimoa (Physics postgrad from island nation of Kiribati)
  • Laura Black (Chief Executive, The Methodist Mission)
  • Cr Jinty MacTavish (Dunedin City Council)

This event is co-hosted by three University of Otago Research Centres (including Science Communication, Theology and Public Issues, and  Sustainability: Agriculture, Food, Energy, Environment) as well as the international youth organisation, Generation 0.

Professor Boston can be heard in this short (~5 minute) September 2009 interview:


Others have suggested in private correspondence that this event will be more about policy, than science per se. Important science-based policy, however.

I will occasionally promote local events that might interest my readers. These notices will be based on press releases; some topics may be on behalf of the local Centre for Science Communication (or the like), such as the case here, in which case I may not be directly familiar with the subject matter.