From dying stars to dust clouds to us – star stuff, all

By Grant Jacobs 14/03/2012

All the stuff that make up us came from stars. (Some time, ages ago.)

This meme isn’t new, Carl Sagan played it too. This is a lazy mid-week post as I’m starting to nod off toward sleep, but it’s still great to listen well-known American science communicator Neil Tyson’s excellent take on it.

(I wasn’t quite so keen on the trailing musical portion myself, but what gives?)

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  • Nice clip. (I agree the soundtrack is pretty terrible..)

    I much prefer Sagan’s alliterative use of “Star stuff” over Tyson’s somewhat prosaic “Star guts”

    I think this Sagan quote sums it all up with stunning brevity.
    “We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.”

  • Grant,

    Is this part of the new series of Cosmos which Tyson is hosting?

  • Rob,

    I prefer Sagan’s line on that one myself. I missed that, might be my hearing – I have a hearing loss and sometimes miss things like that! I occurs to me that it might be an ‘Americanisation’ – ?

    I think the overall presentation of Sagan’s is a bit dated now – good for buffs like us, perhaps, but probably not so good for those that have never heard it – ?

  • Alas I think you are right Grant, The visuals in Cosmos are a bit on the tired side. Though Sagan’s poetry is still as good as ever.

    I really like Tyson’s enthusiasm but he also reminds me of one of the Thespians (Mossop I think) in Sense and Senility.

    I look forward to seeing what the new series of Cosmos comes out like.

  • “guts” certainly lacks the elegance of Sagan. I wonder if they are trying to appeal to boys who they think “guts” might appeal to, or perhaps it is a term American culture might appreciate more??