The world in DNA sequencers

By Grant Jacobs 22/03/2012

Powerful DNA sequencing technology gets a lot of attention and the amount of DNA sequence data pouring out these days is impressive (and is set to rise further).

So where are these devices? There’s an interactive map of where they all are on


Click on each blue location marker for details about the centre. Clicking on circles will produce an enlarged map of that region. Along the top you can limit those shown to particular types of sequencers (not shown in the image above).


I like the less expected locations myself, like the one at the International Livestock Research Institute in Rift Valley, Kenya.*

Of course, there’s four some (2?) in Dunedin where I’m based. (For those not familiar with New Zealand, we’re at the bottom right in the map to the right; the green stuff are national parks.)

Go explore!


The data is based on people filing the information; if you see any discrepancies, you are encouraged to update them.

Kudos to James Hadfield and Nick Loman who made this happen!

* Probably biased by enjoying travel and work in interesting locations!

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  • Hi,
    Actually those 4 in Otago are duplicates!
    There is also a 454 GS Junior in Landcare Research in Auckland, and a 454 GS Junior and an ion torrent at Auckland University. I have submitted these changes, but they need to be accepted before the map updates.

  • Bevan – Ha! (Thanks for that. The count should be two – unless things are moving faster than I can keep up… I’ll update the post later in the weekend.) Either way, the web app’s database server keels over trying to present the institutions – I’m guessing it’s indexed by institution and both the old and the new physical locations within the same campus have been entered.