George Church on genomics and personalised medicine

By Grant Jacobs 06/04/2012

Weekend video – for general readers.

This TEDxCambridge lecture by Professor George Church* offers an informal look at progress in genomics and personalised medicine. While very informal compared to some TED lectures, but it does give glimpses of where genomics and personalised medicine might be headed in a series of quick snapshots.**

In the middle of his talk you’ll hear about some kids sequencing genes for their own interest or school projects. For some like me who has been doing computational biology from before the genome projects*** it’s a measure of how far things have come.

There are some examples of new possible treatments being explored.

His talk assumes a bit of background in places – he’s giving a high-flying overview. Feel free to ask anything in comments below.


* Prof. Church is well-known as a leader in the genomics (and applications of computational biology, my field).

** I personally would like to offer a more detailed talk on the subject, as it deserves it, but then it’d also be longer! This might be better suited to a lazy long weekend, perhaps.

*** More accurately, before eukaryote genome projects.

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