University of Otago campus loses power

By Grant Jacobs 30/04/2012

In local news, the main campus* of the University of Otago lost power this morning. According to reports on social media, the power outage is restricted to the campus area:

Paul Le Comte (@five15design)
Massive boom & the power has gone out to a big part of #Otago Uni Centre for Innovation is dark – home time via the wood & coal shop

Paul Le Comte (@five15design)
By all accounts St David St block, Centre for Innovation & all of Registry is without power

Tom Tremewan (@TomTremewan)
Complete power outage all over @otago campus right now.

Pippa Mackay (@pip_pip_pippy)
@BioinfoTools @five15design @otago power has just come back on in central library, unsure if it’s just back up or restored completely

Other self-reporting on social media indicate that surrounding suburbs were unaffected. There is no word from the University of Otago on social media at this time.

Of course, there is the inevitable joke:

Thomas Hedderwick (@NinjaLikesCheez)
Whats the bet a noob pressed the big red ‘don’t press’ button in the Admin building? #OtagoUni

My sympathies to any whose experiments were ruined by this outage.

Anyone with more on-the-ground knowledge is welcome to contribute in the comments.


* The University of Otago is also represented in other cities in New Zealand, e.g. the Christchurch School of Medicine and in Wellington and Auckland.

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