2013 Public Communicators of Science and Technology Symposium

By Grant Jacobs 14/06/2012

Unconfirmed news (please note carefully that I have unable to confirm this independently):

Although there is no announcement on any of the relevant websites yet,* an article reports that the 2013 Public Communicators of Science and Technology Symposium is to be held in Christchurch, New Zealand, in late February. The 2012 event was held in Florence, Italy, with previous conferences held throughout the world. (There is no 2013 event website set up.*)

The report indicates this is a join effort by Tourism New Zealand and the Science Communicators Association of New Zealand.

I’ll be waiting for this to be confirmed but if it does, and I’d like to this will, this is good to hear and (will justify a trip to my hometown!).


* I’m even wondering if someone has broken an embargo – ? There is nothing on the respective organisation websites, nor a pcst2013 website. To me this is another example where mainstream media offering links would help: they report ‘has been announced’ – OK, give me a link for conformation and details.

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  • There have been announcements of this meeting since, including this press release originally from the RSNZ e-newsletter (reproduced verbatim with exception of email link):

    A two-day symposium dedicated to leading-edge disaster communication will take place next February, bringing together science communicators from around the world.
    The conference theme: ‘Disasters – Communicating in the Crisis and Aftermath’ will explore the challenges of communicating science during major events, from earthquakes, tsunamis and pandemics to agricultural disease outbreaks, as well as sustainability and disaster prevention planning.

    Hosted by the Science Communicators Association of New Zealand (SCANZ), the Symposium is being co-organised by SCANZ and the global science communication network PCST (Public Communicators of Science and Technology).

    “The PCST network grants symposium status to conferences relatively infrequently, so it is something of a coup for New Zealand to get this coveted international accreditation for our event in February,” SCANZ President Phil Johnstone said.

    “Holding the conference on the 2nd anniversary of the devastating 22 February 2011 quake will add a poignant dimension to the symposium, and our programme will include opportunities for reflection and remembrance.

    The conference will be held at the Chateau on the Park hotel complex in Christchurch on 21-22 February 2013. Visits to a range of science sector and other destinations around Canterbury will be offered on 23 February.

    A call for abstracts is now open. For more information visit http://www.scanz.co.nz/scanz-2013pcst.html or email SCANZ President, Phil Johnstone.

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