Nominations for open science awards

By Grant Jacobs 02/09/2012

New Zealand’s Open Science Award is seeking nominations.

Supported by NeSi, the New Zealand eScience Infrastructure (more on them in a later post), the award is to highlight leadership by NZ researchers in using open licensing and open approaches to their research:

New Zealanders are invited to nominate scientists who participate in open science for the award, including those who apply open licensing to their software, data, and publications or who have applied openly licensed software, data, and publications to achieve significant research results.

Nominations for the general awards close on October 4th, with the nominations for the people’s choice award running from October 12th until midnight October 26th. The award ceremony is to be held on Novermber 7th.

Use the on-line nomination form to make your nominations. There are eight categories, one being science with the others covering business, government and so on.

For more about the NZ Open Source Awards, see the NZOSA website.

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