Antarctica talks, photos, films – IceFest

By Grant Jacobs 11/09/2012

Starting this Friday (Sept. 14th) is the month-long Antarctic festival, IceFest at Christchurch. I’ve previously given an overview – there should be something for everyone: art, politics, travel, music, adventure, exploration, poetry, economics and, of course, science. There’s food, beverages and the opening night includes fireworks, music, and ice-carving.

In this post I’d like to list the talks, films and so on taking place – the more cerebral events that might appeal to some of my readers in the hope that it gives you some time-out ideas! These events are based the University of Canterbury GeoDome at Hagley Park.

Evening events

Concerts and shows

Sat/Sun 15th – 16th Sep: Frozen Planet Exposed – with a producer from the BBC Natural History unit

Thurs 20th Sep: Sonic Wilderness – Antarctic music and sonic art

Fri 21st Sep: These Rough Notes – Antarctic jazz

Big Issues Debates

These debates start with a visual presentation of the topic, followed by a panel discussion with leading experts.

Saturday 22nd September, 7.30pm: What Does Climate Change Mean for Us?

Saturday 29th September, 7.30pm: Protection of the Last Ocean, is NZ Leading the Way?

Thursday 11th October, 7.30pm: Is Science Good for the Economy?

Science Cafe, Wednesday evenings,  6 – 7pm

Wed 19 Sep: Ocean Acidification                                        

Wed 26 Sep: Tourism on Ice

Wed 3rd Oct: Our Far South – oceans, islands, and ice

Wed10th Oct: An extreme and unusual Psychology

Film Nights (after Science Cafe on Wednesdays)

Tues 18 Sep and 2 Oct: Antarctica, A Year on Ice (Anthony Powell)

Wed 19 Sep: Hunting the Ice Whales (Max Quinn)

Wed 3 Oct: Our Far South documentary (Te Radar)

Thurs 4 October: No Horizon Anymore (Keith Reimink)

Sun 30th Sep – Sun 7th Oct: The Ross Sea: Keystone to Global Change

Weekend events (free!)

10.30 – 12.00 UC Science Cafe: an informal chat with experts on a range of topics. They talk for no more than 20 minutes, then it’s Q&A over a cuppa.

13.00 – 14.00 Artists Hour: experiences of people who have participated in the Artists to Antarctica programme

14.30 – 15.30 Antarctic Yarns: first-hand accounts of Antarctica – personal stories, tales, and experiences

16.00 – 17.00 UC Celebrate: hot topics, amazing places, and compelling concepts about Antarctica.. and the bigger picture

UC Science Cafe (10am – 12.30)

Informal coffee’n’chat events (experts talk for no more than 20 mins)

Sat 22 Sep: From ice crystals to global change

Sun 23 Sep: Climate Change – up close & uncomfortable

Sun 30th Sep: Weather Extremes

Sat 6th Oct: Life in an Icy Inferno

Sun 7th Oct: Secrets from the Past

Sat 13th Oct: Dark Matter, explosions in space, and south pole ice

Sun 14th Oct: Law & politics in Antarctica

Artists Hour  (1 – 2pm)

Artists who have been to Antarctica share their experiences and work

Sat 15th Sep: Kirsten Haydon (Jeweller)

Sun 16th Sep: Jane Ussher (photographer)

Sat 22 Sep: Bill Mannhire & Bernadette Hall (writers)

Sun 23 Sep: Anne Noble (photographer)

Sun 30th Sep: David Trubridge (designer)

Sat 6th Oct: Dave Dobbyn, Patrick Shepherd, Chris Cree Brown (composers)

Sun 7th Oct: Megan Jenkinson (photographer)

Sat 13th Oct: Lawrence Aberhart (photographer)

Antarctic Yarns (2.30 – 3.30pm)

Sat 15th Sep: Stories from the Polar Night

Sun 16th Sep: Scott Base Antics

Sat 22 Sep: Wild Adventures in Antarctica

Sun 23 Sep: Fresh-faced Antarcticans

Sun 30th Sep: Adventures on High Oceans & Windswept Islands

Sat 6th Oct: Women in Antarctica

Sun 7th Oct: Old School Antarctica

Sat 13th Oct: Studying in Antarctica

University of Canterbury Celebrate Series (4 – 5pm)

Sat 15th Sep: Heritage

Sun 16th Sep: Incredible Wildlife and Amazing Islands

Sat 22 Sep: Antarctica & Energy

Sun 23 Sep: Science & Arts

Sun 30th Sep: International Collaboration

Sat 6th Oct: Why Antarctic Science Matters

Sun 7th Oct: Life in Unexpected Places

More details can be found at the NZ IceFest website. There are also magazines with details at several locations: Christchurch City Council, University of Canterbury, and a number of public locations around Christchurch.

You can keep up to date through their Facebook page or twitter account (@NZIceFest).


Material derived from press release.