Seeing the wind

By Grant Jacobs 30/10/2012

A blend of infographic art and meteorological science,’s wind map is mesmerising. It’s almost hypnotic, you can sit and watch the patterns emerge. (You’ll want to see the ‘live’, dynamic, map, not the still snapshot below.)

Those wanting to see tropical storm Sandy are best to take a peek before the next day’s data is uploaded, although I suspect it’ll be added to the gallery.

On that note, don’t miss the gallery of previous notable days. With more complex wind patterns on display, some of these are more interesting to view than the current map, with it’s one dominant feature.

Best of wishes for all those affected by storm. Keep well!

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0 Responses to “Seeing the wind”

  • That’s one large weather system! What a great map. Can we get one for NZ? I’d love to know more about where the data is coming from and how it’s being interpreted for the screen. The one negative feature to this map is that North America seems to end at the boundaries of the US. Don’t Canada and Mexico have weather too?

    • There’s information about the source of the data just below the map on their page. It’s US land data – not only is the rest of North America not there, there is also no data over water. (They note that the highest wind speeds are often over large(r) bodies of water.

      It would be great to see this done for every country that had data (at suitable “granularity” or resolution) that could be suitably prepared/parsed for their software.