Nominate your favourite posts for a Science Seeker award

By Grant Jacobs 19/02/2013

Nominations can be made through the Science Seeker website – search for posts using the search text boxes, click on the cup to nominate a post. Details are on the Science Seeker blog.

Browse around sciblogs: if you like something, find the Science Seeker entry for it and nominate it!

There’s a range of categories (see below). The winner in each will win $US 100, with a Grand Prize of $1000.

  • Best biology post
  • Best physics, astronomy, or earth science post
  • Best psychology or neuroscience post
  • Best medical sciences post
  • Best chemistry post
  • Best podcast or video
  • Best post about peer-reviewed research
  • Best post by a high school or undergraduate blogger
  • Best science art post (e.g. cartoon, photo, drawing, sketch, painting, etc)
  • Best life-in-science post

Articles must have been written between 1st February 2012 and 1st February 2013. Nominations are open until midnight 1st April 2013 (April Fools’…) – winners will be announced 1st May 2013.

If you write a science blog and aren’t registered at Science Seeker do register: Science Seeker is the site collating science blogs internationally.

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