Just getting a drink, Ma'

By Grant Jacobs 30/03/2013

Alison Campbell and I occasionally challenge eachother to outdo wildlife photos we’ve found on-line.

Seeing as I haven’t written in a bit, let me start with this pair of side-by-side photos from the Wildlife and Nature Pictures Page.


You’re welcome to suggest a caption.

My first question was just how do they land on the reeds. Stick out both legs and sort of fly at pair of reeds and snaffle them?

You’ve got to wonder why they need to drink water in such a complicated way. Safe from predators out in the middle of the pond, perhaps?

Then there’s what happens if they screw up. Y’know like if the splits go a bit too far, or one of the reeds subsides, and it’s like ‘“oh, farrkkkkk…” (Splash?)