New Zealanders – opportunity to learn how our immune systems work

By Grant Jacobs 15/05/2013

If you’re interested in immunisation, vaccines or viruses*—or all of these—here’s your chance to hear Nobel Laureate Peter Doherty speak on The Killer Defence to disease at Palmerston North, Auckland, Dunedin, Hastings and New Plymouth.**


More details and the booking form (click the large blue ‘Register now’ button) are available on the Royal Society of New Zealand website.

His first talk was yesterday,*** but the last four talks are to be held over May 16th – May 23rd.

He’ll be promoting his new book, Sentinel Chickens(You may be able to pick a copy up from the events – ?)

He’s the author of several other books including The Beginner’s Guide To Winning The Nobel Prize: A Life In Science and Pandemics: What Everyone Needs to Know. (He also advocated Seth Mnookin‘s book The Panic Virus® that I’ve previously reviewed.)

We’ve often written about vaccines here at sciblogs. Recently Helen Pertousis-Harris’, head of Auckland University’s Immunisation Advisory Centre has joined us with her blog, Diplomatic Immunity. A recent post by Siouxsie Wiles looks at the coronavirus originates from Saudi Arabia that epidemiologists and virologists are keeping an eye on. A few of mine are listed below.


* Including the dangerous-to-humans Ebola and Hendra viruses.

** Note there appear to be two talks at Dunedin, May 20th and May 21st.

*** This is the first notice I’ve had of the lecture tour, too.

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