Eye sci with my little eye

By Grant Jacobs 02/08/2013

One of the cleverer and more entertaining promotions of a scientific journal I have seen in while has to be the game Eye Sci promoting Nature Publishing’s open-access journal Scientific Reports.

You have until October 31st to work out the names of the 50 scientists alluded to in the picture.


Some are obvious. There is a falling apple. A kite being struck by lightening. Others less so. There are at least three ‘Max’s.

Controls are provided to zoom and move around the enlarged picture. Mac OS X users will find that a two-finger up-down drag will zoom and click-drag will move the image too. (Users of older versions of OS X will find the drag works like 10.7 onwards – in the opposite direction that you might at first expect.)

Register first so that your answers can be saved. Hovering the mouse over an object will cause it to jiggle. Click on it and you will be given a chance to enter the names of the scientist you think the object refers to. You’re not expected to do it in one marathon sitting – you can come back to tackle more later and you have several months.

Prizes draws depend on how many names you have gotten right.

  • 25+ correct answers: one of 500 free Nature subscriptions
  • 35+ correct answers: one of five Kindle Fire HDs
  • 50 correct answers: an Apple MacBook Air

I imagine it could be fun for labs to tackle as a group, too. But perhaps lab heads wish I wouldn’t suggest that?


For those from countries not familiar with it, my title is a play on the child’s game I spy, where one kid chooses an object says “I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with ‘C’” or whatever letter is appropriate and the other kid looks for and guesses the object whose name begins with ‘C’. Traditionally it’s a way of occupying kids on a long car journey.

Twitter users can use the #eyesci hashtag to see what others are saying about the game and clues.

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0 Responses to “Eye sci with my little eye”

  • Only two days left! Closes October 31st.

    (I have to admit I can’t see information on the website as to precisely how the closing date is determined—e.g. time, time zone—but there you have it.)

  • Can some one reveal the answers pls as the competion has ended now. I managed to find only 41 and the rest of them gone. I could not find the following,

    1. Santa with grapes.
    2. Nose shaped structure clinging on wall
    3. Stretched hand with coil
    4. Praying man clad with kind of rain coat
    5. Fan symbol hanging on wall
    6. Love symbol on air with some music
    7. Ass beside some chemical content – This one I tried harder but to vain 🙁
    8. Barking dog on a hexagonal array.

    Pls post the answers here. I badly want to know.

  • [Ed: Spoiler alert, right? Skip if you want to work it out for yourself.]


    SORRY BUT I FORGOT 1,6,7,8…

  • I know I’m late to this game, but I have eight left and I’ve hit a wall! I’m sure some of them are easy but just alluding me….
    Any clues about the following:
    1. Love sign on back wall
    2. France with snakes
    3. Statue of Liberty
    4. Waves in pool
    5. Psych patient
    6. Frat house
    7. LIE with balance
    8. Observatory