PhD students and young researchers – 800 words to win an iPad

By Grant Jacobs 14/11/2013

The Access to Understanding science writing competition is back. You’ve 800 words or less to explain in plain English one of 10 Europe PubMed articles.


The competition is open worldwide.

The prizes are:

Winner: an iPad.

2nd place: an iPad mini

3rd place: an £100 Amazon voucher

All of last year’s winners were from the UK. Come on New Zealanders… We can’t leave this just to the Brits!

You can read last year’s winners in a PDF-form booklet or listen to them as a podcast.

Full details for applying are on the competition web page. (Don’t miss their guidance for writing in plain English (PDF file).


It’s worth exploring their guidance file, and the linked articles at the end of it, if you’re interested in writing for a general audience, even if you aren’t intending to enter the competition.

Also: I’m curious as to how they select the 10 papers for the competition.

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