What the audience are really thinking during your talk

By Grant Jacobs 27/11/2013

Looking down at the faces as you rattle off the talk that you’ve nearly gotten down off pat, you sometimes find yourself wondering just what the audience is actually thinking about,


What do you think about when you’re at conference talks? (C’mon, don’t tell me you only ever think about the talk itself!)


The cartoon is from the Upturned Microscope blog by Nik Papageorgiou, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 3.0 Unported License. Readers can get the full-sized image from this post. (Brought to my attention via twitter.)

At conferences, researchers, like those in Genetics Otago’s annual symposium that I will be at over the next couple of days, stand up and present what they’ve found in their research. This cartoon struck a chord…

As you might guess this is partly to hold the fort until I get the posts I’m writing out. I’ve one in draft on the recent fuss about regulating direct-to-consumer personal genomics and some fascinating work on chromosome structure (as part of my Not Just DNA series; links below).

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