Any New Zealand schools want to help judge the Flame Challenge?

By Grant Jacobs 13/12/2013

(Crowd-sourcing how best to let NZ schools join in the judging of the Flame Challenge.)

The Flame challenge is an international competition that challenges scientists to explain to 11 year-old students a question. The results are judged by children. (There is more on the Flame Challenge in my previous post.)

This year’s question is ‘What is colour?’ Explanations are in two categories, written or visual. The visual entries include short videos.

The question was drawn from more than 800 suggestions from around the world. Last year there were over 20,000 student judges.

I have been asked by the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science who run the Flame Challenge for suggestions how New Zealand schools might get involved in judging — apparently no New Zealand schools have been involved in judging the entries before.

Student judges are aged 11. In the USA they are from grades 5 – 6. In New Zealand this would be years 7 – 8.*

Schools register, then receive email packages of 5 entries. (They can ask for more than one package of entries.) Students vote on the entries and file their results. At the end of the voting there is an international world-wide on-line assembly. A more complete explanation of the voting is available on the Flame Challenge website.

So, then, a little crowd-sourcing. Can readers suggest how the organisers in the USA might best get New Zealand schools involved in helping judge this competition? (Use the comment form below.)


* If this isn’t quite right, please let me know.

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