First-person stories about science careers

By Grant Jacobs 27/02/2014

… are the theme of the newly-lauched website, MySciCareer.


The website, developed by Eva Amsen and Lou Woodley, former biochemists who now work in science publishing, aims to expose a wide range of career options for those with scientific training through first-person stories available at a single source.

The articles can be accessed via job type, training (reflecting the last academic science position held), or just browsed at random. There’s also a search box at the top-right of each page for those after a specific thing and viewers can link to similar articles via the tags at the end of each article.

Each article is headed by a tweet-like pull quote, like this one* –


(You can click on the quote to read Claire Ainsworth’s story.)

There is also a resource page. (I’ve listed articles I have previously written on careers at the end of this article.)

It’s at the ‘small beginnings’ stage, but if other social media-driven efforts in this area in recent years are anything to go by it’ll grow fast.

Twitter users can follow @MySciCareer or the #MySciCareer hashtag. They’re also on Facebook. If you’d like to contribute your story—do!—you can use either twitter, Facebook or the website Contact page.

Jump in. Read others’ stories, contribute your own.


* For those who are not biologists, fruit flies have a long—and honourable—history as experimental research subjects.

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