On the subject of beer and scholarship

By Grant Jacobs 12/01/2015

I would say this is inspired by Karl Safi’s guest post on his homebrewing efforts, but in truth distracted by would be more accurate.

You know that word association thing? Beer + scholarship reminds me of Emerson’s.* I’m doomed, right?

Emerson’s beers have a long association with the Department of Biochemistry, where Richard Emerson’s parents worked. Legend has it that his early efforts were brought to the department in 10 litre beakers.

Last year the company started offering a scholarship for –

students studying at tertiary level in Dunedin, who are undertaking a degree which incorporates a project (research report, dissertation or thesis) related to either the technical, social or economic issues associated with the brewing industry.

The scholarship is in memory of Jean-Pierre Dufour, former Professor and Chair of Food Science at the University of Otago (from 1995), who interest and support of Emerson’s was clearly much appreciated. Each year Emerson’s release a ‘JP’ beer on Dufour’s birthday, June 2nd.**

Applications are taken in October. The current recipient is Otago University student Bridget Gould, who will “undertake research into the impact of yeast and hops interaction on beer flavour” as part of her Bachelor of Honours in Food Science.

The only thing I have missing right now is a beer… Hmm.


I have this several articles I’d like to get to, if I manage not to get distracted…

Plenty of other scientists have beer-related interests. Two I know of from Twitter are Kevin Zelnio, a former marine biologist/ecologist/science writer who has gone off and become a brewer, and Cath Ennis, who regularly tweets her beer tasting.

* For the curious, mine is most often a Bookbinder.

** My guess is that contributions to the scholarship funds include profits drawn from the sale of this beer.

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