By Grant Jacobs 10/11/2017

The GoodReads Choice Awards is the only major book award decided by readers – you! Even if you’re not sure about voting, the mid rounds of competitions offer great reading lists to explore. Get to it!

Don’t take too long – the semi-final round ends in three days. (There is a final round from November 14th until November 27th.) As I write nearly two million votes have been cast.

There are lots of categories, but I’m guessing my readers will favour Science and Technology, along with perhaps Non-Fiction, History and Biography, and Science Fiction. (I suspect far too many of us are science fiction fans!)

Several of the books in the Science and Technology semi-final round are already on my to-read list – A Crack in Creation, Pandora’s Lab, and Inferior. I’ll be needing to check out the others. Keeping to science-related books, History and Biography has Radium Girls. My budget is holding me back from buying these just yet,* but that’s just as well as I have Cat Zero to dig my claws into.**

Good to see a debut writer prize, too.

Readers are welcome to offer their to-read lists, or titles of books they’ve recently read that they thought a cut above  the rest. After all, Christmas isn’t that far away and other readers will want ideas!

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* How many others find it annoying that eBook prices are held high, even months after a book is released. A Crack in Creation, for example, is still $NZ35. There used to be this hope that eBooks were going to bring cheaper prices…

** I’ve got a review copy of Cat Zero, and hope to write a review for Sciblogs (and post a shorter version of my take on the book elsewhere).

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The first few Science and Technology books in the semi-final round of this year’s competition.

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  • Not on your list but one of the best books I have read, showing some of the cherry picking and bias which goes against hard evidence in cosmology.
    Quasars, Redshifts and Controversies by Halton Arp, this book is a must read for those who seek the truth about our universe