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Autistic children and blood mercury levels

Grant Jacobs Oct 27, 2009

Autism has received great attention over the past couple of decades, from movies like Rain Man to the fuss stirred up by anti-vaccine promoters who insist that "mercury" (thimerosal) in vaccines causes autism. If you've ridden the waves of the autism-related anti-vaccine silliness on the WWW you'll appreciate research that tries bring … Read More

Doubt not certainty

Grant Jacobs Oct 25, 2009

I try avoid posts that are mostly “referrals”, that consist of just pointing to another blog and saying “read this”, but if you’re in the mood for a little light philosophy on the meaning of science, try Nature senior editor Henry Gee’s article that argues that  science worships not certainty, but doubt. What do you think? … Read More

Forgetting older science

Grant Jacobs Oct 24, 2009

Are the electronic literature databases making us forget about the older literature? A short blog by Isis, a self-proclaimed domestic and laboratory goddess (and who are we to disagree?), reminded me that I have been meaning to write a blog about this issue for some time and that I should get on with it. Read More

What the chiropractor said

Grant Jacobs Oct 24, 2009

A local chiropractor cannot accept that some seriously ill swine flu patients had no underlying health issues: Sorry, no, there is no way that these people were "otherwise healthy". The medical examinations showed that they had no underlying health issues. But this chiropractor won't accept that. Read More

Textbook proposals

Grant Jacobs Oct 21, 2009

If you’re planning to write a textbook, or are tempted to, try reading this blog article by Nature senior editor Henry Gee. It’s good food for thought. Any non-fiction or textbook writers here? (Or publishers, or editors for that matter.) What are your experiences or advice? … Read More