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Textbook proposals

Grant Jacobs Oct 21, 2009

If you’re planning to write a textbook, or are tempted to, try reading this blog article by Nature senior editor Henry Gee. It’s good food for thought. Any non-fiction or textbook writers here? (Or publishers, or editors for that matter.) What are your experiences or advice? … Read More

Metagenomics-finding organisms from their genomes

Grant Jacobs Oct 20, 2009

Scientists are surveying the genomes found in environments, a modern way to find what micro-organisms live there. There has been an explosions of "-omics" over the last decade. Metagenomics is the moniker given to genomic, or DNA sequence, surveys of environmental samples. Basically metagenomics involves researchers collecting DNA samples from, say, the ocean, beach … Read More

Sidebar scientists

Grant Jacobs Oct 19, 2009

One suggestion I made as the Science Media Centre (SMC) was set up was to encourage media to use experts to complement journalists’ stories with a sidebar of the “bare bones” of the science associated with the story. Everyone will know how this works. Readers who want more than the storyline or who want “just the … Read More

Sales-fest or science?

Grant Jacobs Oct 14, 2009

Like many biologists and medical professionals, I'm disturbed by the plainly wrong and misleading nature of anti-vaccine and natural remedy claims I've seen. An advertised "Natural Health Expo" to be held this weekend in New Zealand has caused me to revisit how an earlier blog article on Crank ’scientific’ conferences suggested one simple test for … Read More