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The iPad: a cat toy?

Grant Jacobs Apr 14, 2010

Could iPads be a communication device for feline desires? Here’s a new application for the iPad: Any bets that there will be a rash of cat toy applications for the iPad? I particularly like the cat’s efforts to play with Magic Piano. (Featured in this video demonstration at YouTube.) … Read More

A plastic ocean

Grant Jacobs Apr 14, 2010

The Pacific Ocean surface is gradually clogging up with a fine mist of plastic. And not just the surface, either. I rarely watch late night TV, but tonight I caught an interview of Charles Moore on David Letterman’s ‘The Late Show’. Letterman‘s stuff is usually too banal for my tastes, and the Americana … Read More

Alliances of pharmacists & GPs; opportunities to pressure for removal of useless "remedies"?

Grant Jacobs Apr 06, 2010

Today Elspeth McLean, writing for the Otago Daily Times, reports of a national alliance between pharmacists and general practitioners. She reports that this initiative focuses on improving use of medicines through reducing wastage. Perhaps memoranda of this kind might also be a means that GPs could ask that the ’remedies’ that pharmacists’ … Read More

Easter eggs and science

Grant Jacobs Apr 04, 2010

Things to do with your easter egg (besides eat it). [embed][/embed] Seeing as this blog collective is less than a year old, I think I can be forgiven for recycling last year's egg video. (I saw this a year ago; it's a classic despite the relatively modest viewing statistics it has garnered.) … Read More

The iPad: a device to consume, not produce

Grant Jacobs Apr 04, 2010

With the distribution of iPads to start this Easter weekend, there have been numerous reviews of the what the impact of the Apple's iPad might be. [caption id="attachment_1827" align="alignleft" width="340" caption="(Source: Wikimedia Commons.)"][/caption] I’m particularly impressed with a point David Pogue writing in the New York Times makes about consuming content … Read More

Breaking news: Singh wins appeal in chiropractic case

Grant Jacobs Apr 01, 2010

Simon Singh (Source: wikipedia) This news awaits formal confirmation, but early reports are that the Court of Appeal judges found that: Singh’s assertion that there was “not a jot of evidence” that chiropractic could treat certain conditions was “a statement of opinion, and one backed by reasons”. “bogus”, which Justice Eady defined as being an allegation of … Read More