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Magnitude vs. intensity; Chile vs. Haiti

Grant Jacobs Mar 01, 2010

For those trying to learn more about the recent Chilean earthquake,  All My Faults Are Stress Related has a clear explanation of the magnitude vs. the intensity of earthquakes, comparing the two recent large earthquakes featured in the media in Chile and Haiti. Please read Professor Hannula’s account, not mine: I am not a geologist, … Read More

Advertising campaigns: homeopathy or a sceptical series?

Grant Jacobs Feb 26, 2010

The atheist bus campaign has me thinking... what if there were a similar campaign against homeopathic remedies? Or an on-going series of advertisements questioning dubious practices of all kinds? Fridays are good for day-dreaming, right? NZ Bus seems to have had an attack of tremulous timidity in the face of ’some’ complaints and have withdrawn their … Read More

Homeopathy check-up: Not in the health system, disclaimers on labels

Grant Jacobs Feb 23, 2010

Today England's Science and Technology Committee published it's "Evidence Check 2" report on Homeopathy. Overall, it's a resounding "no" to homeopathy. The report comes down hard on UK government agencies relationships to homeopathy and recommends stronger transparency in the commercial sector, too. The report was to look at government policy, particularly the NHS (England's … Read More

Dem pesky birds

Grant Jacobs Feb 19, 2010

The Australian outback has flies. You know the eponymous hand-flick of countries with flies? Locals there apparently call it the ’Australian Salute’. Whales seem to have flocks of birds and tail flicks. In this video, I can just imagine the whale cruising along thinking, ’it’s dem pesky birds again!’: … Read More