Code for life

Blogimmuniqué, 1st Feb 2010

Grant Jacobs Feb 01, 2010

Just a quick heads’ up to regular readers that my blog, Code for life, will go into a restful state for a few days. It won’t last long! Commenting won’t be affected, so take the chance to wander back through my old posts (use the drop-down menu by year, then month to the right of this page) and … Read More

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: $10B towards vaccines

Grant Jacobs Jan 30, 2010

Vaccines are a major weapon in the fight against disease. Today the Bill & Melinda Gates have pledged funds for a "decade of vaccines" in poor and developing countries. Their press release goes on to say The Gateses said that increased investment in vaccines by governments and the private sector could help … Read More

Ecuadorian Amazonians see Avatar (in 3-D)

Grant Jacobs Jan 30, 2010

What would people who have an history and culture based on living in the forests of the Amazon think of James Cameron's film, Avatar? Would they see themselves, their people or history echoed in it? It's an intriguing thought. This short video below (4:03 minutes), produced by Siegmund Thies, follows the … Read More

Singing for science

Grant Jacobs Jan 27, 2010

If you're looking for science songs, especially for young kids, not a bad place to start is The Great Beyond blog. A far as I can tell, this is the latest in the series. They're up to thirty now! You can always trying searching the blog using 'song science', using the search box in the upper-left … Read More

Popularity does not mean effectiveness or sensibility

Grant Jacobs Jan 26, 2010

In recent comments to an article I wrote on homeopathy in New Zealand pharmacies, some readers suggested that because the remedies were popular, they must be OK. To give a little light relief from the weightiness of the topic, let’s illustrate the illogic of using popularity in lieu of demonstration of effectiveness by paradoxially considering the morbid … Read More