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External (bioinformatics) specialists: best on the grant from the onset

Grant Jacobs Jan 15, 2010

Specialists should be involved in planning grant applications, not brought in later. (I'm writing mainly about data analysis, as I see this as less of a problem for data generation.) Researchers should involve those who will analyse their data as they write their grant applications to assist the experimental design and to make more pragmatic employing … Read More

ScienceOnline2010: a whole lota' readin'

Grant Jacobs Jan 13, 2010

Bora Zivkovic, one of the four organisers of the conference along with Anton Zuiker, Stephanie Willen Brown and David Kroll, has laid out introductory reading for the ScienceOnline2010 conference. A lot of it. Heck, even one of the early reading lists drew this from Isis: "Holy moly! That's like my college reading … Read More