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NZ biotech, Living Cell Technologies, wins research deal from US giant

Grant Jacobs Jan 02, 2010

It's good to see a local biotechnology company making progress. (I also hope further research money comes to New Zealand...) The deal appears to be one where Centocor, a research and development subsidiary of the US-based pharmaceutical giant, Johnston & Johnston, gets an exclusive two-year option to take up the worldwide licence for the company's seaweed-derived encapsulation technology specifically … Read More

National Geographic photos of the year, 2009

Grant Jacobs Jan 01, 2010

A mantee photographed in Florida–Yusude Okada, Japan The Giant's Playground at night–Chris Gray, Canada Not a science post, but a head’s up to visit National Geographic’s photography website for some stunning photographs, including the winners to the previous year’s competition. Click on ‘Contest Winners’ to see 2009’s and earlier winners. Read More

Do monkeys eat bananas upside down?

Grant Jacobs Dec 29, 2009

A light-weight post to get this blog back on the road after the Christmas break... There's a video doing the rounds (again, it's not a new theme) that the "right" way to peel a banana is from the tip of the fruit, not using the stem, and that this is how monkeys peel bananas: [embed][/embed] … Read More

Happy (late) solstice

Grant Jacobs Dec 23, 2009

Done those Christmas things? We're all late. The solstice was on the 21st. Ha! Got you worried? Some of you will have noticed that my blog posts have been a little erratic lately. I do a lot of research for many of my articles. Yup, I check those facts I toss at … Read More

Scientists who died during 2009

Grant Jacobs Dec 22, 2009 has put up a list of famous people that died last ten years. Not one is a scientist. Funny old world, eh? You can make the top ten NZers (never mind people world-wide) as a scientist, the obits in the paper, but not the famous who died in the last decade. What's with that? … Read More