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Kiwi twitter power-allwhites hit #2 trend for day, worldwide

Grant Jacobs Nov 15, 2009

[Not science related.] Let’s repeat that: Kiwis twittering on ‘allwhites’ hit the #2 trend for the day on twitter, worldwide. Just shows that little New Zealand has a decent presence on twitter and they’re collaborative enthusiastic bods who get together and get a trend going. Here’s the graph that shows the state of things at about 1am, from … Read More

Massey university cutting science budget

Grant Jacobs Nov 14, 2009

Just off the Manawatu Standard: Massey to take knife to sciences, prompting concern over staff redundancies and courses being dropped. Staff are being offered voluntary retirement or redundancy, with a sweetener package offering long-serving staff up to 16 weeks’ extra pay. But if enough staff do not take up the offer, a series of “staffing reviews” … Read More

Live twitter stream of SCANZ 2009 conference

Grant Jacobs Nov 09, 2009

Fellow scibling Fabiana Kubke is putting out a live twitter stream, reporting the annual Science Communicators Association of New Zealand (SCANZ) conference. I’m not there (budgets, time and all that nasty stuff), but reading her twitter stream is a great substitute! Beginning to wish I was there… Look for her posts headed ‘SCANZ 2009’. You … Read More

Nutt saga rattles on

Grant Jacobs Nov 07, 2009

It always was going to, as a good British drama should. One of the latest twists is a letter outlining Principles for the Treatment of Independent Scientific Advice (available as a PDF file) has been sent to 10 Dowling St, signed by a number of (very) senior former scientific advisors and leading academics including the … Read More