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Fees or deposits for undergraduate university degree courses?

Grant Jacobs Nov 06, 2009

When the government moved to "full-cost" course fees for undergraduate university courses, I felt it was an heavy-handed solution and wondered if a deposit scheme might have been a wiser starting point. (For any readers wandering in from overseas, I'm speaking of New Zealand (NZ) universities, but my general thoughts may still be worth considering?) … Read More

World air traffic flow

Grant Jacobs Nov 06, 2009

Air traffic flow around the world for 24 hours: (Video of 24-hour traffic flow on earth.) I don’t know about you, but looking at the USA and Europe at peak times is kind-of scary. This video reminds me of being in the larger international airports watching them fire off ‘plane after … Read More

In Memoriam-Sir Don Beaven

Grant Jacobs Nov 05, 2009

I rarely buy my hometown paper, The Christchurch Press, but on seeing the front page of today’s edition I realised that yesterday’s fire in Little Akaloa, near Christchurch, was at the bach of Sir Don Beaven. He has since been confirmed that he died in the fire. Sir Don was a local hero, his bust stands in … Read More

Mind the spin

Grant Jacobs Nov 04, 2009

It's bad enough when journalists–intentionally or not–spin a scientific result, it's really not good when a commercial interest does and it makes me cringe when the scientists' own statements or the university's press release does. Read More

Gluckman on science in small countries, part I

Grant Jacobs Nov 02, 2009

Anyone for a NZ Science Party to make politicians face evidence? Reading from the website for the Office of the Prime Minister's Science Advisory Committee I found myself agreeing with many of the points in Sir Peter Gluckman's speech to the Institute of Policy Studies, Victoria University of Wellington, on Monday 14 September 2009. (Sir Peter Gluckman is … Read More