Science news haikus

By Daniel Collins 30/10/2009

Great_Wave_off_KanagawaIn the spirit of
the scientific abstract:
Science news haikus


Groundwater recharge
How it changes with climate
Could be good or bad

Virtual water
Maps inefficienct usage

New Zealand

CRI taskforce
Purpose, governance, funding
Bring home the bacon

Wild rivers campaign
Advocating solitions
“Rivers, wild and free”

Waitaki birthday
The dam turns 75
Built with picks and spades

Laissez-faire water
Private operation eased
Water, “core service”?


Food aid a mixed bag
Focus on Short-term band-aid
Misses long-term costs

Levant water fight
Israeli water use fair?
Arguments flying

Holes in the bucket
Water leak photo essay
Thermo’s 2nd law

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  • There is also, for Twitterers (and who isn’t?) the #twiku.

    One hundred and forty
    Characters. Brevity is
    The soul of twit.

  • Awesome! The gauntlet has indeed been thrown down – in fact, one could say the entire suit of armour, plus the horse and all decorative elements, have been thrown down as well…