Eating high tea with chopsticks

By Daniel Collins 05/11/2009

Eating tea with chopsticksWater is polarised. So polarised, in fact, that you can eat it with chopsticks.

By polarised I mean, of course, that the water molecule is highly polarised – it behaves like a magnet with a positive and negative side. It has the highest internal cohesion of the non-metalic fluids, a fact that gives rise to 115 m-high redwoods and Jesus bugs striding across ponds.

Chris Webster, a meteorologist over at the MetService Blog, waxes fondly on the wonders of surface tension in water, which reminded me of a favourite demonstration in microgravity.

In space, no-one can hear you scream gravity is so weak, it loses out to surface tension, so that water easily beads together and you can eat it with chopsticks.

Visit NASA for a demo.