Water news haikus

By Daniel Collins 06/11/2009

More haikus for you’s
Could this be the beginning
Of a trend in news?


Flood risk perceptions
Correlate with age, knowledge
Lessons from Holland

Irrigation’s role
In Asia’s summer monsoon


New Zealand

Gerry Brownlee said:
“Not the Mokihinui”
Loose lips sink dam hopes

FedFarmers wants dams
To secure farming’s future
Typical drum beat


At Copenhagen
Climate and water don’t mix?
Should be no brainer

Cloud seeding hazards
Beijing snowstorm stops traffic
16 million tonnes

Nazca decline cause:
Too much deforestation
Crossed lines in the sand


SMOS satellite launched
Soil moisture and ocean salt
Introspective eye

Thirsty time traveller?
Oxygenated water
Dr Who approved

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