Canterbury Water Management Strategy

By Daniel Collins 08/11/2009

The Canterbury Mayoral Forum has released the Canterbury Water Management Strategy. It’s goal is to rise above the adversarial nature of Canterbury’s water resource conflicts to achieve comprehensive sustainable management. It stresses a collaborative, balanced and incremental approach.

The strategy is available online, complete with 12-page executive summary (see link above). If you are a Cantabrian with a sizable stake or interest in regional water management, read it. If you are interested in new ways to manage your own region’s water resources, read it. If you have better things to do, in typical Crikey Creek style, here’s a haiku.

From adversaries
To water resource partners
It’s broke, so fix it

If this is too succinct for you, stay turned. An Executive Summary Summary is in the pipeline.

If you have any questions about it, ask. Any comments, comment. If I can’t answer any burning questions, I’ll see if someone else can.

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