Water news haikus no. 3

By Daniel Collins 13/11/2009

The week that just was
In water and science news
Distilled like sake


Australian drought
Rising temps compound low rain
P minus ET

Teapot effect: solved
Had enough of dribbly spouts?
Thin lip, hydrophobe

Hyped science backlash
Don’t over-sell evidence
Keep uncertainties

New Zealand

Climate change forecast:
Weather likely more extreme
Perhaps already?

Canty water plan
ECan supports 10 to 2
Stay tuned for their views


Water Advocates:
Health and water, hand in hand
Four 5ths of poor’s ills

Bjorn Lomborg’s op-ed
Gets the hydrology wrong
Climate change risks missed

Groundwater declines
Resemble oil shortages
Don’t race to the pump

Snow melt, crops not synced?
‘Glacier Man’ has the answer:
Engineered glaciers

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