Water news haikus no. 4

By Daniel Collins 20/11/2009

From water cycle
Via media cycle
To haiku cycle


Water on the moon
Discovery follows probe
Evidence clouded

Bayes and RCMs
Give projections of the Thames
Water resources

Water and money
Modelled for Brazilian farms
New method, old news

Off to AGU?
Geobloggers check this out
Shame I won’t be there

New Zealand

Key to Fed Farmers:
’We only use a fraction’
Of water cycle

Roaring Meg viewing
Historic hydro station
Enhanced, not busted

Waikato tussle
Over manure disposal
Farmers unhappy


Argentina runs dry
From wheat export to import
Curse you La Nina!

Like water towers?
Feeds your addiction

Laundry crosses line
Hanging unmentionables

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