Haiku news no. 6

By Daniel Collins 07/12/2009

Haikus, belated
But surely not forgotten,
Are all about risks


Regional flood risk
Water storage threshold gauged
By the GRACE of god

Urban water risks
Drought and demand managed with
Leases and options

Runoff, climate change
Predictions with simple model:

New Zealand

Rain spoils cherry crop
Ripening fruit swell and split
Due to osmosis

Waitaki DC
Catches self in water ‘theft’
Camp ground flow, too free

New Marlborough scheme
Brings new options, certitude
To irrigators


CRU scandal
Misgrasped by non-science shills
Climate change still real

Kenya drought-insured
Claims checked via satellite
First case in third world

On water, women:
Gender inequality
Hinders health and life