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Happy World Toilet Day

Daniel Collins Nov 19, 2009

Why? Because 2.5 billion people worldwide are without access to proper sanitation, which risks their health, strips their dignity, and kills 1.8 million people, mostly children, a year. Because even the world’s wealthiest people still have toilet problems – from unhygienic public toilets to sewage disposal that destroys our waterways. [H/T: WaterWired] … Read More

Water discovered on the moon

Daniel Collins Nov 15, 2009

Location of the LCROSS impact debris cloud, Cabeus Crater. Credit: NASA. If the Google homepage is anything to go by, excitement about space exploration was further reinvigourated by the discovery and measurement of water on the moon. The implications for a lunar base are profound, and hence for any new ’Apollo Project’ that gets us there. On October … Read More

Water news haikus no. 3

Daniel Collins Nov 13, 2009

The week that just was In water and science news Distilled like sake Science Australian drought Rising temps compound low rain P minus ET Teapot effect: solved Had enough of dribbly spouts? Thin lip, hydrophobe Hyped science backlash Don’t over-sell evidence Keep uncertainties New Zealand Climate change forecast: … Read More

Bjorn Lomborg’s op-ed sense and non-science

Daniel Collins Nov 12, 2009

Bjorn Lomborg, noted climate change contrarian, has a point. Climate change is not the only hazard to worry about. But his arguments don’t always hold water, particularly in terms of water resources. In a series of Wall Street Journal op-eds leading up to the Copenhagen climate change meeting, Bjorn Lomborg is interviewing ’ordinary people’ about their views of climate change. Read More

Canterbury Water Management Strategy

Daniel Collins Nov 08, 2009

The Canterbury Mayoral Forum has released the Canterbury Water Management Strategy. It’s goal is to rise above the adversarial nature of Canterbury’s water resource conflicts to achieve comprehensive sustainable management. It stresses a collaborative, balanced and incremental approach. The strategy is available online, complete with 12-page executive summary (see link above). If you are a Cantabrian with a … Read More

Water news haikus

Daniel Collins Nov 06, 2009

More haikus for you’s Could this be the beginning Of a trend in news? Science Flood risk perceptions Correlate with age, knowledge Lessons from Holland Irrigation’s role In Asia’s summer monsoon Corroborated New Zealand Gerry Brownlee said: “Not the Mokihinui” Loose lips sink dam hopes FedFarmers wants … Read More

Eating high tea with chopsticks

Daniel Collins Nov 05, 2009

Water is polarised. So polarised, in fact, that you can eat it with chopsticks. By polarised I mean, of course, that the water molecule is highly polarised – it behaves like a magnet with a positive and negative side. It has the highest internal cohesion of the non-metalic fluids, a fact that gives rise to 115 m-high redwoods and … Read More

Tim Groser to FedFarmers: Water is the key

Daniel Collins Nov 04, 2009

New Zealand doesn’t export milk and beef, or even grass. It exports water. This is how Tim Groser sees NZ’s agricultural relationship with the world. A country well-off in terms of water is well-prepared to feed a swelling global population. Tim Grosner wears many hats, but they are all connected: Minster of Trade, Minister of Conservation, Associate Minister of Foreign … Read More

CRI taskforce: Shake it up baby

Daniel Collins Nov 03, 2009

Pithy though a haiku is, 17 syllables is not enough to describe the CRI taskforce announced last week by MoRST. The Terms of Reference are brief enough. Here are a few snippets, emphasis mine, with thoughts interspersed. Government wants CRIs that respond strategically to the needs of their end-users in a way that will drive future economic … Read More