Stone Tool Artefacts & Simon Holdaway on Graeme Hill Show, May 1

By Brigid Gallagher 01/05/2011

I just wanted to get this out there before Graeme Hills Radio Live  show tomorrow/today, May 1.  At 11.30 am Graeme is going to be speaking with Professor Holdaway of Auckland Universities Anthropology Dept.  They will be talking stone tools, and the segment is titled ‘Rare and Ancient Trades’.

I don’t know where the conversation is going to lead, but Holdaway was featured in the Herald last year due his research in Egypt on stone artefacts, which is part of a larger project lead from UCLA and Rijksuniversiteit, Groningen.  He also directs the Western New South Wales Archaeological Project (WNSWAP) with Patricia Fanning of Macquarie University.  The description on the WNSWAP website is;

The projects use the latest electronic survey equipment, GIS, and database software to map, document and analyse the distribution of Aboriginal stone artefacts and associated heat-retainer hearths in their landscape context. They are supported by an intensive program of dating, using the charcoal and hearthstones from heat retainer hearths and sediments within valley fill sequences, to provide a chronology of landscape change and Aboriginal settlement.

Whatever the angle I am sure it will be interesting, and I hope that somewhere they get a chance to talk about New Zealands fascinating stone tool technologies and presence in the archaeological record.  Next week I will post the audio file, along with an associated blog.

Apologies for the late notice…our house is a hot bed of various lergies and complaints…